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For the past 25 years I have been helping couples and individuals uncover and resolve the stuck places in their hearts and minds that have impacted their significant relationships. I have found that for most people the surface problem is not really the problem. The problem lies deep within the heart.  When Adam and Eve first fell away from God, their hearts were forever changed. They were no longer naked and unashamed. 

Guilt, fear and shame entered the world. They covered up their true authentic selves with fig leaves.  They hid from God and each other. They doubted and mistrusted. They blamed God and each other for their pain and loneliness. We are no different.  Our hearts have been wounded and scarred and we have tried a variety of ways to manage the pain on our own.

Prov 20:5 states that “the purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters but a man of understanding draws them out.” With the right blend of listening and understanding combined with compassion, empathy and caring most people can get to the fears, hurts, shame and sadness that have kept them bound up for years. Once the deep issues of the heart have been brought to the surface, the power of love, grace and truth can bring healing, comfort and freedom. Jesus came to mend the broken hearted and to set the captives free. He is the real counselor.


  • Pastoral Counselor

  • Pastor (Ordained Pastor)

  • Church Planter

  • Associate Pastor

  • Youth Pastor

  • Young Life leader

  • Children’s minister

  • Group leader/facilitator

  • Speaker

  • Teacher


Masters of Divinity – Mid America Seminary
B.S. Degree – UC Davis