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Have you ever said, “This is so not the life I had planned for myself.”
“How did I get here? What happened to my dreams?"
"What has happened to me?”
“I had such great expectations for myself and my family. Now … Gone!"
“Will I ever find a safe place where I can sort all this out?”

Navigating life is tough these days – maybe especially for Christians who want to stay true to their faith. Where can you find help?

There are so many places out there that will give you worldly advice that just doesn’t fit for you spiritually.

You want to counsel with a person who understands your situation and takes your faith seriously. Someone with a gentle but solid Biblical world view.

Someone who has the training and life experience to know what you’re going through.

Someone who understands the messes of life, and knows that God is in the mess!

Guess what? You’ve found someone who can help you on your journey!
I want to hear your story.
There is hope and I am here to offer you help.

Let’s talk!
Call me at (707) 571-1715  ext 4

“Midway in the journey of my life, I awoke to find that I was lost.” 
Dante’s Divine Comedy


I am a Christian counselor who cares about women who may be disappointed in their life circumstances, relationships or personal decisions.

Many are angry or confused about God’s will for them.

I enjoy working with these fellow travelers on the journey of life. Together we will unpack your story and find ways to contentment and peace for you.

It is my desire that my counseling lifts up the grace of God in every circumstance.

I have a long term marriage, three adult married children and eleven grandchildren.

I have parented and step-parented, not always brilliantly, but well.

I am of an age where I can speak from a place of, not only training, but experience and wisdom as well.

I have a degree in theology and Biblical studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA., and I love teaching God’s Word.

Better yet, I find joy incorporating God’s Word into our messy life situations and seeing how God rearranges the mess!

And did I say that I love walking alongside women on this raggedy journey we call life!

I can’t wait to see you in my office. Let’s talk!

Looking forward to serving YOU!

Call me at (707) 571-1714 ext. 4


Q.   Are you going to be a “Bible Thumper”?
A.   Not unless we’re killing spiders.

Q.  Do I have to be a Christian to work with you?
A.  No. The majority of my clients are Christian women, but I happily see non-believers as well.

Q.  How does that work? Working with people of other or no faiths?
A.  Life is a process. I honor where my clients are in their spiritual walk and what they want from me. And they (honor my) understand that I come from a Biblical mind set.

Q.  Do you pray with your clients?
A.  I very much enjoy praying with my clients if that is what they desire.

Q.  How long is a counseling session?
A.  Usually 50 minutes. But double sessions can be arranged in advance.

Q.  Why not a session that is a full hour?
A.  Because interestingly enough therapists, like other people, occasionally have to get a snack, visit the rest room, or return phone calls.

Q.  How often do you see your clients?
A.  Normally clients begin by coming into my office for regular weekly sessions. Later in our work together we can revisit the frequency of sessions.

Q.  How long do you think this will take?
A.  Together we will look at your personal goals for therapy and we will discuss this at our first or second session

Q.  Do you take credit cards?
A.  At this point in time I am only able to take cash or personal checks.

Q.  What is the fee for a 50 minute session?
A.  My fee is $130.00.

Q.  Do you take insurance?
A.  The question here is:  Will your insurance company take me?  Many insurance companies have a list of their own counselors (“providers”) that they have contracted to do all their customers’ therapy. Ask if your company will pay any or all of my service fee. I do not bill insurance companies directly. I will give you a receipt and let you get reimbursement from your personal insurance company. 

My Strengths:

  • I have a strong Christian background and a seminary Masters degree in theological studies as well as marriage and family ministries. 

  • I know how to bring Biblical truth to the complexities of life.

  • I am positive and confident in my faith and in the sufficiency of Christ.

  • I am on the referral lists of:  American Association of Christian Therapists, New Life Ministries,   Focus on the Family, and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

My Passions:

  • I am passionate about putting into practice God’s Truth — which is more than just a thought process — and God’s Word — which is more than a reading project.

  • I am passionate about the friendships of women and why these friendships are important for support, renewal and encouragement.

  • I am passionate about the connection between what we think about and focus on and the direction our lives take.

Educational Background:

  • Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. Masters Degrees in Theology and Marriage and Family Ministries.

  • University of California, Irvine, CA; Certificate in Alcohol and Other Chemical Dependencies.

  • University of Florida, Gainesville, FL., B.S.   cum laude in Journalism and Advertising.

Public Speaking:

  • I am actively involved in planning large conferences as well as small retreats, and have been the speaker at many seminars and workshops.

  • Groups say they like the humor and solid teaching I bring to my presentations which cover both psychological and spiritual topics.

Evaluation Comments From my Speaking Engagements:

“I really appreciate Carolyn’s deep knowledge of the Word and it’s application to our lives -- done so lovingly.”         Carol L., Spokane, WA.

“She is able to show practical application to God’s Word.”   Patty Y., Yakima, WA.

“ Carolyn is an outstanding leader.  Her presentation is both spiritual and amusing and has given me much to ponder.”     Many Anne M.,Spokane, WA.

“Carolyn really knows her subject and presents it in a logical fashion -- easy to grasp and to remember.”  Helen J., Spokane, WA.

“I found the retreat to be so spiritually satisfying that I felt filled to capacity.  Carolyn Dunn blessed my socks off. ”     Donna B., Sandpoint, ID.

“She really helped me to step back and observe some of the things in my life that need changing.”     Renee P., Santa Rosa, CA.

“Carolyn has a theologically sound understanding of her subject and an ability to give practical applications.” Carla K., Yakima, WA.

“Very applicable information.  It was confrontive on what we all need to hear about ourselves!”      Laura LeP., Santa Rosa, CA.

“I liked her openness about her own struggle -- and the foundation on the Truth.”  Patty A., Santa Rosa, CA.

“... her directness, her clearness... her word pictures were fabulous!”   Enid M., Healdsburg, CA.

“Thank you for the best retreat I’ve attended.  You were organized, inspirational and just the right touch of humor.”   Kathryn R.,  Yakima, WA.

"I love Carolyn's presentation style.  She's so willing to share her own experiences and imperfections that it's easy to relate and identify with her message."  JoAnn P., Santa Rosa, CA.

“ ... Very direct and just vulnerable enough.”  “Practical and usable.  Good stuff!.”  “Creative.”   “I liked her sincerity and the great use of metaphor.”   “Good balance of Biblical knowledge and application.”  “Carolyn used personal touches throughout; combined with her knowledge of Scripture brought the material to life for me.”   "Ms. Dunn is not only a Good speaker -- but a very God oriented one!"  “I appreciated the strong emphasis on God’s Word.”      (miscellaneous unsigned comments on evaluations)