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Are you facing any of the following issues and find yourself in need of help?

  • Are you feeling stuck in an unsatisfying relationship?
  • Does your life feel out of control?
  • Would you like Christian based, meaningful marital or premarital counseling?
  • Do you feel challenged to be a parent?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the loss of your job, your home, your health?
  • Do you feel immobilized by your feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety?
  • Do you want intimacy but don’t know how to develop it?

If so, I can help.

You can become the person you want to be.

You’ll find an accepting, kind, and supportive setting in which you can safely explore, grow, and be restored to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

You can learn how to trust and nurture yourself again. I offer an objective view that enables you to grow in trusting yourself. 

You can gain awareness of the inconsistencies between your behavior and your beliefs/values.

You can become aware of non-verbal and verbal communication that hinders you from developing healthy relationships.

You can learn non-verbal and verbal communication techniques that encourage open, honest and non-judgmental discussions.

You can experience living more fully in the moment.

You can integrate parts of yourself that are hard for you to see, accept, heal and love through an objective point of view.

You can learn how to forgive yourself and others more fully.

You will become aware of the boundaries that are important to you and learn how to consistently set them.

You will be challenged to make the changes you desire to make in your life.

What can you expect to gain from therapy?

  • Increased feelings of well being and confidence
  • Improved skills for dealing with your emotions
  • Greater awareness of negative self-talk and help in forming and using healthier self- talk
  • Increased awareness of unhealthy defenses you use
  • The ability to choose healthy behaviors for forming healthier, more intimate relationships
  • A clearing away of the old self (defenses and facades) and putting on the new Christ centered self (the soul) - Healing the wounded areas of life- Romans 12
  • Improved skills in setting clear boundaries while loving others
  • Assistance in managing your job/education, relationships and emotions
  • A stronger sense of who you are in Jesus Christ
  • Encouragement to walk Christ’s path

My Philosophy:

I see therapy as a journey on which you are attempting to find a higher level of living.  I become a kind of “emotional tour guide” for you as you grow to trust that I am for you, that I believe in you, and that I know you are doing your best.  As we build our relationship of trust, I will help you learn about and integrate those parts of yourself you have hidden from yourself.  All of this is done through the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Through my studies, observations and my own therapy, I have learned that when we experience deep woundedness, we subconsciously create emotional walls in order to survive.  I describe these emotional walls as a kind of “emotional clothing” we put on to protect ourselves. The more traumatic our circumstances, the more layers we put on and the thicker the layers become. The thicker the layers, the less we trust and the less we feel. It becomes increasingly difficult for us to access our souls and for others to connect with us intimately. These defenses and facades were originally adopted by us to protect us, but in adult life they keep us from experiencing healthy intimate relationships and leave us lonely and empty.

Sometimes, we turn to artificial ways of feeding our loneliness and pain.  We try eating, drinking, shopping, controlling others and so on in an attempt to make ourselves feel better and safer. By engaging in these unhealthy behaviors, we actually drive others away, increasing our feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.  Some describe this state of being as depression, anxiety or being split off from our real selves.  

My desire is to be a vessel through whom God will work to help you re-gain access to parts of yourself that you have lost. Depression occurs when parts of our selves are cut off from our core (our real self made in God’s image). Therapy is about gently opening up these areas that need healing.  While this journey may be challenging, the reward is great.  You can experience full restoration. Remember, in God’s realm, nothing you go through is wasted. I pray that you will experience God’s transformation process in your life as a direct result of our work together.

Areas of Counseling:

I have counseled children, teens, adults individuals and couples who encounter stress and difficult emotions in their school, work, relationships and social life. I have experience in the following areas:

  • Relationship and couple issues/Premarital counseling
  • Adolescent and young adult issues
  • Women’s issues
  • Eating disorders and other addictive disorders
  • Loss and grief
  • Parenting
  • Life transition issues
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Single parenting
  • Singleness and intimacy issues
  • Divorce recovery for adults and children
  • Parenting a special needs child
  • Trauma
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Adoption/Infertility


Served on At-Risk Board for students in Menlo Park City School District

Counseling Intern at Menlo Park City Police Dept. for At-Risk teens and families

Teacher/facilitator career classes for Christian women in Menlo Park, Ca.

Co-facilitator/teacher with Ed Brackenbury -parenting classes at Menlo Park Presbyterian 
Co-facilitator/teacher divorce recovery classes at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Co-facilitator/teacher with Joanna Watson -depression classes at Menlo Park Presbyterian and Santa Rosa Alliance

Founder of tutorial/friendship building program for At-risk youth in East Palo Alto, Ca.

Teacher for Menlo Park City School District elementary and middle school students

School Counselor for MPCSD for elementary and middle school

School Counselor at Rancho Cotati High School

Founder of Peer Counseling and Tutoring programs at Menlo Park City School District

Inter-District Interaction coordinator for Menlo Park City School District


Child Development Bachelor of Science- San Diego State University

Multicultural Teaching Credential-San Jose State University

Pupil Personnel Credential-San Jose State University

Marriage Family Masters Degree- Azusa Pacific University

John Gottman Couples Therapy training- Seattle, Washington

Grief Recovery Institute training- Sherman Oaks, Ca.